At Eastmatt 
we stand
for Value.

It is our mission to help you save more whilst,
living a better life

Our Story

How we Started

Quality, innovation and trust are the values that Eastmatt was founded on. From our start as a family business in Mau Narok, we have since grown into a supermarket chain – ready to go nationwide. 
From the time we first moved to Nairobi’s Eastleigh area – where we got our name ‘EAST-MATT’ – to our growth into other towns in the country, we’ve remained among the leaders of the Kenyan retail industry.

Eastmatt Today

Customer satisfaction was our main focus when we started. And we’ve kept this focus till today. Every new location that we’ve expanded to and every new category product we’ve introduced to our shelves has been something our shoppers asked for. 

Variety in brands and products is also a point of pride for us. From single-item shopping to the big buys – we make both fun and fulfilling. 

Our staffs are the heroes who deliver our promise to the market. They keep our systems, processes and services running. Supported by a dynamic and engaged management team, they deliver the benefits that make shopping at Eastmatt a great customer experience.

Our Vision


Our Mission

To deliver to our customers the promise of more savings and better living through quality products, superior customer service and business innovation.

Our Goal

To create a chain of superstores at locations most convenient for our customers, and to keep our opening hours flexible and convenient for them to shop with us.

Our Values

Eastmatt is driven to offer value to our shoppers, every day. To do this we’ve embraced technology as the foundation in our business processes that guarantee our promise. Our highly trained staff and management team, who run these systems, make it possible to deliver more savings to our shoppers. And they’re always within reach, ready to serve you.